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Since 1993, Hark & Hark has effectively and aggressively represented people charged with crimes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the federal courts. We are known as the defense attorneys who try cases to a judge or a jury; defense attorneys who return telephone calls and are happy to meet with the client or any family member at any time. When you have been arrested or when you are facing a criminal investigation, you need a lawyer right now. Call us. We will return your call right away and get to work protecting your rights.

Stop Searching. Start Calling.
24 hour Criminal Law Hotline
1-877-4-HARK-LAW (1-877-442-7552)

What should you expect of a criminal defense law firm?

* Responsiveness: At Hark & Hark, we answer calls 24 hours a day.
* Highly professional attorneys: The Hark & Hark attorneys are well known and highly respected in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey jurisdictions where we practice. Our staff includes two former Assistant District Attorneys for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Major Trial Unit.
* Reasonable rates: Our South Jersey and Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys charge competitive fees, offer payment plans, and accept credit cards.
* Effective trial lawyers: Our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience trying cases in Pennsylvania and South Jersey jurisdictions.
* Commitment to clients: At Hark & Hark, we believe every client has the right to an effective, aggressive defense.

The Hark & Hark criminal defense practice areas include:

* Drug Crimes
* Drug Crimes and Gun Charges
* Sex Crimes
* Internet Sex Crimes
* Megan’s Law
* Homicide/Assault
* Domestic Violence
* White Collar Crimes
* Federal Crimes
* First-time Offenders/ARD Option

Free initial consultation.
Reasonable rates. Payment plans. Major credit cards accepted.

Criminal Law Hotline: 1-877-4-HARK-LAW (1-877-442-7552)
Always Ask 4-HARK-LAW

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