How to get information in Pennsylvania

One of the first things a citizen has to do when they have an issue with their government is to gather information.  Unfortunately, this initial step can be a frustrating maze of automated telephone systems.  This unpleasantness can result in putting off simple tasks just because you don’t know where to begin!  Below are several links that are good starting places to gather information.

CPCMS provides information about criminal charges, traffic tickets, and summary citations in Pennsylvania and allows you to search a variety of ways such as by defendant’s name.

Superior Court of Pennsylvania – 215-560-5800 or website

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania – 717-255-1600 or website

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania – 215-560-6370 or website

PennDOT – 800-932-4600 or website

Pennsylvania Bar Association – website

Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check – website

Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law Database – website

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections – website and inmate locator

Pennsylvania Legislation – website

Bucks County Court information – website

Bucks County Council on Alcoholism – website


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